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UAPD Strike HQ


Should I tell my supervisor we are going on strike? 

You do not need to tell your supervisor you are going on strike. If your supervisor questions you about going on strike you can advise them to call UAPD at (310) 398-4038. If they continue to ask you politely refuse. Immediately call to report any incidents of this nature as this can be considered an unfair labor practice.


Have all supervisors been told? 

It is management’s job to tell the supervisors of the strike.


What is a line pass and how is it decided? 

A “line pass” is a negotiation between the County and UAPD for explicit permission to cross the picket line to provide essential services.


As a union member, can I be asked by my supervisor to figure out staffing during a strike? 

No, you are not responsible for staffing. It is management’s responsibility to figure out staffing. That is the reason the Union can negotiate line passes if management requests to do so. 


As a union member, can I be told I must work during a strike if I am not on a line pass list? 

No, going on strike is your right. Immediately call to report any incidents of this nature as this can be considered an unfair labor practice.


Can part-time faculty in our department be forced to work during a strike? 

They can honor the strike if they choose.


Can we speak to part-time faculty or contractors in our department to tell them about our strike and ask for their support by not crossing the picket line to work? 

Yes, but best to do when not working.


Can full-time faculty who are not union members be forced to work? 

We do not know the terms of their contract; therefore, we cannot answer this question.


Can newly employed physicians who are on the 6-month probation period strike? 

All bargaining unit members have the right to strike. If they are released from service following the strike, we can file an unfair labor practice and UAPD will represent any physician that is disciplined resulting from the strike. 


Are they covered by the County civil service rules? 

Probationary employees have limited civil service rules rights, but they have the same protections from retaliation as other employees.


What do I put on my timecard on the day(s) I am striking? 

Absent without pay.


If I have already scheduled time off like vacation that has already been approved, can I still put my vacation time down? 

If your vacation is approved, you have the right to use your vacation time.


What happens to members who cross the strike/picket line who aren't on the line pass list? 

Physicians who cross the picket line weaken our strike and our concerted effort to improve benefits and salary.


What should I tell management about why we are striking? 

You do not need to tell management anything. 


What should I tell patients or families about why we are striking? 

You can tell patients that the County of LA is suffering from a serious shortage of medical professionals like you and as a result it takes longer to get patient care, and patients deserve the best care. Competitive benefits and salaries are needed to be able to recruit and retain. They deserve a system that can be responsive to the care they need. UAPD members are standing up to advocate for more doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and veterinarians so patients can get the care they need, when they need it.


Aren’t physicians considered “essential workers”? How is it legal for us to strike? 

There is no blanket prohibition against strikes by health care workers under California public sector labor law. If our employer wishes to avoid us striking, they will be given ample time to respond to our demands at the table.


Are we paid during a strike? 

No. If you are not scheduled for sick/vacation, you will not be paid during the strike. If you are scheduled for leave or vacation during strike, then your leave/vacation should continue as scheduled.


How long will the strike last? 

There are many options, and the bargaining team will make this determination in line with the preferences of the membership. However, given the short time horizon and the program calendar, a short, limited-time strike would likely make the most sense.

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