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Bargaining Update for Week of Nov. 27, 2023

UAPD members at Olive View Medical Center prepare picket signs, 12/1/23.

Dear Members,

Your unity and commitment to securing a fair contract that prioritizes recruiting and retaining health care professionals at the County of LA is being heard loud and clear by the Board of Supervisors. We wanted to provide you with an update on this week’s bargaining session.

The bargaining session, scheduled to commence at 10:00 AM, saw the timely arrival of our dedicated bargaining team, ready and prepared for a constructive dialogue. However, at 3:00 PM, two CEO representatives entered the room conspicuously absent of any proposals.

Management conveyed the County's lack of a prepared proposal but asserted their understanding of our outlined priorities. In response, we reiterated that the needs and priorities of UAPD members were clearly outlined in the proposal memo shared with Board of Supervisors' offices the previous Tuesday. Expressing our disappointment in the County's absence of a substantive response, the members voiced extreme frustration with the lack of progress with the CEO’s office

An attempt was made by management to focus solely on the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), proposing to defer discussion on other crucial priorities. However, recognizing that this approach failed to address members' needs or contribute to the recruitment and retention of medical professionals essential for optimal patient care, this proposal was not entertained.

The frustration among members was palpable as they communicated their displeasure to management, emphasizing that their time had been wasted. We conveyed our willingness to reconvene for the next scheduled bargaining session, commencing at 10:00 AM next Tuesday, expecting a serious and comprehensive proposal from the County that addresses the priorities outlined in the previously provided document.

Closing the session, we urged transparency in their communications with the Board of Supervisors, emphasizing our commitment to avoiding a strike. Nevertheless, it was emphasized that an overwhelming majority of members had authorized a strike if necessary.

County management acknowledged our stance and committed to being prepared for the upcoming negotiation session.

Your unwavering support and dedication are integral as we navigate these discussions to secure fair conditions for all members while ensuring the highest quality of care for the patients we serve.

In solidarity,

Christopher Ige, Regional Administrator

Patricia Castillo, Deputy Regional Administrator

Union of American Physicians and Dentists

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